Royal Treatment For Your Resident Mosquito

You might be saying this. No. No resident mosquito in this here residence. When last did I squat a bug. And it’s dead, of course. So it won’t ever be coming back. Ah, but you see. There will come another time. And the next time, you had better beware. It might be a she. And beware. Beware because this bitch bites. And she could bite real nasty next time. Because you see, like any formidable mother out there.

She’s got hungry mouths to feed. Or whatever those despicable insects call their orifices. You’ve got to be real careful of these buggers. The last one that didn’t get away. Innocent and almost sweet as honey. Tasted your blood and had a real nice time. And then it died. So much for a happy death then. But no jokes folks, these guys take their work very seriously indeed. They’re your residential mosquito treatment richmond troops.

And they’ll be taking care of business from now on. So, no sweat on your part. They’ll be rolling out the royal red carpet. It is they who will be dishing out the royal treatment for your resident mosquito. And some. Because by the time she arrives, she will have brought her whole family. And you’d best be taking cover. Because these troops of hers are real hungry at this time. They’ve traveled long distances to get to your place.

residential mosquito treatment richmond

They were in a hurry too, so no time to see if they left behind their familiar malarial disease. So it’s a case of pot-luck. If you get the disease. Or if you don’t get the disease. Oh well, at least the kids will have been fed. No jokes, folks. You can’t be playing around with these critters.