Protecting The Environment When You Clean

The environment is in a delicate balance between what we do and how it reacts to these actions.  As we consume products, perform actions and simply live our lives, we leave waste behind.  This waste can be the oils from our skin, hair, food, paper, or any number of items that we consume.  As a result, we need to find a way to clean these areas to protect ourselves from germs.

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Using chemicals

As we clean, we tend to have a mental mindset that we need chemicals to keep our world clean.  These chemicals kill bacteria, remove germs and protect us from the world.  However, the chemicals are toxic in nature and we are swimming in them all day long.  This is why we need a better solution.  This is where eco friendly commercial cleaning sacramento ca comes in.  When we work with an ecofriendly cleaning solution or company, we are not focusing on chemicals but allowing nature to clean up our mess.

Going Chemical Free

The idea is to go chemical free.  When we remove ourselves from artificial chemicals we can focus on natural elements.  Some of the more popular elements are oranges, lemons and vinegar.  The reason for these is the acid content.  The acid content in these items reacts similar to harsh chemicals but without the nasty side effects.

Protecting your eyes and skin

When using natural products, you don’t have to worry too much about protecting your eyes and skin.  With chemicals however, you will need to use gloves to protect your hands, glasses to protect your eyes and sometimes a mask to protect your lungs from the chemical burn of toxic chemicals. 

When you are finished cleaning it is a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water.  You want to avoid touching your eyes, mouth or face.  If you do, the chemicals can react with these parts of your body and cause irritation or worse.